Part 147 A&P schools are bound by outdated curriculum that makes it difficult to teach students real world skills that are needed to be successful, especially in commercial aviation. Through the AWAM Scholarship Program, students have the opportunity to attain scholarships for industry training directly from airlines and manufacturers.

AWAM also offers numerous scholarships to support students getting set up with the tools they will need to begin their career as well as financial assistance to offset the cost of their A&P testing.


Jayne Snyder

Jane is one of our 2018 student scholarship recipients, one of them to attend a Southwest Airlines 737-NG systems course where she had a great time as a guest of Southwest in Dallas and some industry essential training. She says "I am so thankful for the phenomenal opportunities provided by AWAM! I look forward to a few years down the road when I am able to give back! I never want to forget the generosity of others, as it has helped me tremendously towards a great career as a technician." 


Sarah Kiley

Sarah received a Southwest maintenance training scholarship in 2017, and scholarships from UPS and FedEx in 2018. She says " AWAM is a life changing organization that I am so proud to be a part of. Through AWAM, I have found an incredible community of aviation maintenance professionals that inspire and encourage me to achieve my dreams. Since becoming a member, I have made life-long friendships, developed my technical skills and landed my dream job. AWAM is so much more than a community of  female aircraft mechanics, it’s a place were I can share experiences, learn from others and feel like I truly belong."