In the Aviation Maintenance industry training can be notoriously difficult to obtain, especially for technicians that do not work for a 121 Air Carrier. AWAM offers a number of technician scholarships for aircraft familiarization and systems courses, as well as factory training from engine manufactures such as Pratt & Whitney and Continental Motors. The majority of these scholarships are open to mechanics of any gender.


Bill Russo is the Program Director for the A&P program at the University of the District of Columbia Community College. He received scholarships for an advanced composite training course from Abaris, and a Pratt & Whitney Line and Base Maintenance course on their new Geared Turbofan engine. 


Stephanie Morris has received a number of scholarships through AWAM including, Pratt & Whitney, UPS Pink Wrench, and Bombardier 30/45 initial training. Her positive experiences were what helped motivate her to become a part of the AWAM scholarship team and the AWAM national Board of Directors.